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This is the ruleset I now use for
the saga of Sir Peter as he travels the globe at the mercy of various and sundry evil-doers.

It is a "skirmish" ruleset
that uses units of 2, 4 ,5, 10, or 20

The rules let you define not only troops, but strange VSF mechanical devices and weapons as well. Basically the world is yours to design as you please.

It has a great period feel and games can be quite large (200+ figs) and still go quickly.

Fire and Steel

This is the set that started me off in skirmishing.

The standard unit size is 8 figures, with each fig being operated individually

I use this set now mostly for French & Indian Wars and for the Indian Mutiny.

.45 Adventure

This is a new ruleset from Rattrap Productions for adventuring in the era of the great Pulp Novels.

Each figure is handled as an individual with players handling 2 or 3 figs.

Scenarios are played out on 2' x 2' game boards and can be linked as in a movie serial from the '30s and '40s

The Bootleggers

This is a ruleset from Steve Barber Games for playing out games in the Prohibition era.

Units can vary in size from just a few figs up to 10 or 12 figures.

Each figure is handled as an individual and a player can handle as many as 20+ figs once the rules are known (which doesn't take very long).

Astounding Tales

This is a ruleset from Howard Whitehouse for gaming great Pulp adventures.

Each figure is handled individually with players usually handling 1 or 2 figs.

Scenarios are played out with the assistance of a "Director" who controls the flow of the game.

(currently out-of-print, a 2nd edition is in the works)

Chaos in Cairo

This ruleset is an offshoot of the
SuperSystem Ruleset.

Players control a "character" fig plus a unit or two of minions/henchmen/general cannon-fodder.

Games are centered around archeological digs in old Cairo, but just about any Pulp setting can be handled.

Fields of Honor

This is the ruleset we use most often for large-scale Colonial battles.

It can be used at varying ratios from
1:1 to 1:100

This version of the rules has been out of print for a time but copies may still be purchased from

The Last Square

Voyages Extraordinaire

This is a ruleset from Wessex Games for adventuring in the Victorian Age.

Units can vary in size.

Each figure is handled as an individual.

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