Reports as submitted by the Deputy Warden, Sir Robt. Carey
(aka Jim S)

Last Update: 12-6-05

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 Turn 1:  In a stunning display of peace and brotherhood, our nine families spent the first turn tending to their herds and flocks. True kinship was the watchword all along the border with only the slightest hint of the mayhem to spring forth in the near future. Spies began to be seen traversing the hills and valleys of our little patch of the borders with rumblings of smoldering unrest. Will turn 2 see the beginnings of a blood feud or two?
 Turn 2:  

Well, the first stirrings of unrest have been seen as several raids are underway. Eight of our nine families have become embroiled in the doings while Clan Dunn continues in its' lethargy! Clans Armstrong, Graham, and Nixon are on the trail to "visit" with Clan Henderson while Clans Elliot, Nixon, and Robson are off to pester and pillage Clan Oliver. And just to add spice, Clan Forster is attempting a raid on Clan Elliot while the Laird is away!

The battles have now been fought and the reports from our agents follow below.


Our first sign of unrest on the borders broke forth at the hame of Clan Henderson. Raiding parties from Clans Armstrong, Graham, and Nixon demonstrated within sight of the mighty Brucie for many an hour before pressing home their attack - such as it was to be. Little did they know that the Henderson was well forewarned of the attack due to his impressive spy network and had set a fine ambush to foil the threesome!

Unbeknownst to each of the others, the wily Laird Henderson had made offers of some of his spare sheep to the Heidmen of both the Graham and Armstrong parties -- which they quickly accepted! (Mutton on the hoof without necessity of battle is not to be sniffed at!) Having their herds neatly in hand, both raiders swiftly exited the field -- tho' the Armstrongs did tarry a wee bit to pick up the odd bit of crockery on their way out.

This left the surprised Nixons as the lone combatants on the field -- and they were neatly surrounded by several parties of Hendersons! Showing a true Scot's pluck, they made a fighting retreat that would warm the cockles of old Bobbie Burn's heart himself. Though greatly outnumbered, Heidman Nixon showed his mettle by neatly extracting his force from the ever tightening bonds that Henderson was applying. Losses to the Nixon was but one man killed and 1 wounded.

On the way off the field, the Nixon vowed a blood feud with Henderson to avenge the death of his clansman.

Although the Warden was summoned, no further violence erupted as no actual theft of livestock had occurred. The Warden was not overly amused at being called away from his dinner and has levied a fine upon Laird Henderson for the filing of a false grievance!


The second bit of mischief occured at the homestead of the mighty Laird Oliver. He also was besieged by three raiding parties, this time from the Clans Elliot, Nixon and Robson.

Never a man to turn from a fight, (which may have been the more prudent path in this case!) the Oliver decided to stand his ground before the combined force and did his best to protect his hearth and home. Calling upon his collected clansmen and peasantry, Laird Oliver deployed his men around his holdings and began the day with 27 men, brave and true. Unfortunately by day's end, one lay dead and 10 others wounded - many grieviously! An accounting of the peasantry was unable to be made as they had fled the field in groups of 2 and 3. The battle raged on for the best part of the day, and not to give too fine a point to it, much blood was spilt by all factions leave the devious Robsons.

Laird Nixon, personally directing his force and slightly wounded in the fray, fought with the ferocity of a lion and the wiles of a tiger. His band accounted for the majority of the Oliver's casualties and though losing several men to wounds, he gave better than he got! For his troubles, Nixon managed to ride off with a herd of sheep and several Pounds Sterling worth of pewter.

Laird Elliot took a path of less resistance, stood off from the heart of the battle and happily loosed his bowmen to pepper the Oliver men before him. To him went the "honor" of the first kill but also the first to be killed. As a result of these traded deaths at each others hand, a blood feud now exists between both Elliot and Oliver. As he left the field, Elliot managed to capture a herd of sheep and a small amount of silver plate.

The wiliest men to be found on the field this day were those of Clan Robson. Never firing a shot in anger, they managed to ride the length and breadth of the Oliver hame totally unmolested. In the course of their travels, they managed to heist a goodly sum of gold and before leaving the bloody field they captured 2 herds of highland cattle.

The peasant dispatched to call for the Warden's assistance never arrived in Dumfries and it can only be assumed that he was waylaid upon the trail by broken men out of the Debateable Lands.


The final foray of this day occured at the home of the Elliot Clan where they were accosted by a group of rievers from Clan Forster.

This was merely a swift hit and run attack by a small group that managed to steal some valuable silver and gold at the cost of a few scrapes and scratches to the raiders. None were killed or even seriously wounded and no call was made for the Warden. (At last he was able to finish his evening repast!)

Thus ended the events for this first
(of perhaps all too many future)
contentious days upon the Borders.

  Turn 3: 

Plans were laid by the families and for the most part it was a quiet week on the borders. Most of those in combat last time around decided to stay home and nurse their wounded fellows and generally lay low.

Several bold Lairds, however, decided to have a go at the lethargic and decidedly unwatchful clan Dunn. Parties from the lands of clan Armstrong, Elliot, Forster, and Graham set off for a bit of roisterous merriment but only the wily Armstrongs were to actually make it all the way to the Dunn homestead bringing back with them a pretty bag of loot and a bleating herd of sheep.

Unfortunately, alliances were not as generally agreed upon as had been thought, and Clan Graham upon spotting the Elliots and Forsters on the trail dismounted and took a few pot shots at the men of Laird Elliot. Most arrows fell harmlessly on the heath, but one was to find its' mark greivously wounding a clansman in the arm.

The men of Clan Forster quickly dismounted to come to their allys' assistance but were unable to close into effective bow range with the quick-footed Graham, who upon drawing first blood swiftly re-mounted and began withdrawing to safer lands. After retrieving his wounded fellow, the Elliot Heidman and his party retreated from the field while giving the Grahams the "evil eye" and a raised fist. Finally, seeing both Graham and Elliot leaving the field, the Forsters mounted their steeds and set off home to plan for another day.

All in all a less than stellar performance for the cream of Border manhood! Perhaps next week will see a return to the vigor and bravado more typical of the Border horsemen.

  Turn 4:  The moves are in. Now I have to figure out just what is going on in our little clump of heather! The machinations are getting more twisted as we progress and no amount of blackrent will protect the unsuspecting!

What's this! Who should we find on the trails but the crafty Lairds Henderson and Robson meeting up with the beleaguered Laird Oliver!

Seeing naught but trouble afoot on the trails, the doughty veteran cutpurse "Sly Ollie" whipped his troops as fast as they could push their nags but twas not enow! While the troops of clan Robson showed off their best horsemanship and parade ground maneuvers, the leader of clan Henderson's force decided to have his men practice their bow and arquebus skills at the passing Olivers.

Filling the air with as much lead and feathers as he was able, the mighty Henderson's succeeded in crippling the now
"not-so-sly" Ollie with a serious chest wound. T'will be many a week afore he sees the back of a horse agin!

With such a severe blow to their leader, the Olivers dug in their heels for all they were worth and beat hooves back to the safety of the Oliver homestead. The Robsons, finishing their practice for the Warden's fancy dress parade, rode off for home while the Henderson's re-mounted and headed back to their hearths not sure if their present alliance was quite what it should be!


Meanwhile, back at Rancho (?) Henderson we espy the mischievious Laird Elliot and his allies, the Forsters, besieging the paltry remaining Hendersons!

With his Laird off on a lark with the Robsons, the Heidman of the Hendersons had little hope of fending off the combined assault of two raiders. Not only was he hobbled by having but two fighters at his side, his call to his fellows brought forth only three poorly armed clansmen! There was but a slight chance that he might be able to keep his herds and hame safe. Finding caution to be the better part of valor, the clan chief sent out a desperate call for parlay with the combined Elliots and Forsters. And to everyone's surprise, both clan leaders advanced under a truce to listen to the Henderson plea!

The weather or the tides or the fates must have been in the pocket of the Hendersons, as both raider chiefs decided to be satisfied with a herd of pigs in payment to cancel further mischief -- though both raiding parties did pause on their departure to relieve several cottages of the silver and assorted baubles of pewter. All in all, the Laird of Henderson will be well pleased to have survived such a raid with but the loss of two small herds of swine. Had more dastardly clans been involved, the results may well have been a burned out homestead and naught but a few spayvined horses remaining to come home to!

And thus ends our fourth week amongst the borders.

 Turn 5: 

First off we visit the abode of Clan Elliot where a couple of the neighbors came calling - the Armstrongs and Grahams to be precise. In a concerted assault on the bastle, the two marauding bands were able to abscond with a couple of herds of innocent sheep while the erstwhile Elliots remained abed within the stout walls of the keep.

Unfortunately, several of the Elliot clansmen who were assigned the duty of watching over the herds were caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place! Not only did they lose their charges, but several of their lot also lost their slim hold on health and well-being.

And so as the Grahams & Armstrongs rode off dividing the spoils of their efforts, new plans for revenge were simmering within the hearts of the Elliots.


Meanwhile, Laird Elliot was not ahome due to his own plans for a bit of skullduggery. As we shall see below, he had laid a skillful trap for a wayfaring Laird Robson -- all the while planning a trip to visit the said Robson's hopefully unguarded livestock.

But much to his regret, Clan Robson had left several stout men behind to stand watch over the clan's herds. And they were to prove a bit more than the sly Elliot had planned for! Again, to his chagrin, Laird Elliot was to exit stage left with fewer followers than he had begun the escape with. Such is life (and death) on the Borders -- and so begins another blood feud, Robsons agin Elliots!


Our final foray for this week (of game time) takes place at the humble homestead of the dulcet Laird Dunn whose clan motto of "Learn to Suffer" has become legendary along the borders.

Due to some evil plotting against him, Laird Robson was led into a well-laid Nixon ambush by the wily Laird Elliot. Instead of assaulting the usually placid Dunn and easily absconding with some cattle or pigs, the unwary Robson rode full-bore into the waiting arms of the house of Nixon.

Laird Nixon (nursing some unbeknownst grudge) had collaborated with the Elliots in luring the Robsons to Dunn fortress. Once sighted, the Nixons let forth with innumerable volleys of swift and true bowfire. The unaware Robsons were laid low oft and severely by this fusillade and were badly shaken but not totally broken.

Fighting bravely - and for their lives - the Robsons were able to survive the assault and in the final reckoning were able to wound and even kill some of their attackers. (Thus opening yet another blood feud on the borders!) And in the end, though badly bruised and heavily wounded the Robsons were able to ride home with their numbers intact.

Yet the day was not quite over -- the slumbering Dunn was finally stirred to action by this bit of chicanery committed upon his lands. Worrying that he would be held to account by the Wardernfor these actions by Clann Nixon, the Dunns left the warmth of their hearths and began attacking the backs of the interloping Nixons.

Unfortunately - or fortunately for the Nixons - the Dunn clansmen had been too long untested in battle and showed themselves to be woefully unable to hit the broadside of a bastle! Though initially brought up short by this unexpected attack, Laird Nixon was able to return to his tower with nary a scratch to show for his troubles - at least as far as the Dunns were concerned!

Thus ends our latest week of life amongst the tors and vales of the Scottish Borders - it seems that the time is upon us for the Warden to call for a Truce Day to settle accounts!


A Truce Day was held in Dumfries town whereupon all men brave and true were able to come forth and enjoy good ale, good victuals, and hearty companionship without fear of injury or malice of thought.

The clans made the most of this opportunity by much livestock trading and purchase of arms & armor. Several new men were hired by those in need and thus was ended the first of this years Truce Days.

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