As the sun rose in the East, our intrepid hunter/gatherers set off on a quest for riches, adventure, and maybe some food.  The mighty Og leading from the rear as was his wont pushed his faithful (?) followers ever onward.  Not far away, the redoubtable Throk and his doughty band of Throkettes set off on much the same journey – with Throk in much the same position.  In time these loveable lunk-heads would come to grips not only with dangerous denizens but each other as well.

Our first bit of mayhem occurred when the clueless Throkettes barged their way through what looked to be vacant termite mounds – which weren’t even close to being empty!  Pouring from the mounds came hordes of fire ants with one thing on their minds.  (Seeing as how the “humans” in this outing were just a tad smarter than a tree stump, we can give the ants the benefit of doubt and attribute their foray as mindful.)  For the rest of the outing, the ants kept on the trail of the Throklettes and would await their revenge at the end of the path – more on this later!

Over on the left branch of the trail the Ognerians came upon a barrow mound that looked inviting (hah)!  Sending one of his followers to explore the depths of the mound, Og had others do a bit of eye-balling the perimeter.  So good at keeping their nose to the grindstone, they were totally oblivious to the beating of giant wings disturbing the air.  Luckily the searching sub-humans were so hunkered down in their tasks that the flying beasties didn’t spy them – at least not right away.  The winged beauties passed on and found the Throk-lydites instead!  Thus ensued a mighty struggle that lasted for many hours (at least in game time).

Throk had parceled out his dino-fodder (Grade ½ s) amongst his chiefs and in so doing lost the main benefit of having these mindless muck-abouts work as a team.  In the final accounting they died to a man, succumbing to assorted bugs, beasts, and mayhem.  In this first encounter, one of the nameless gave his all for the team.  Later on the trek the majority of these boys would bite the big one in a fracas with a group of not-so-cute n’ cuddly killer ladybugs.

Og, having found half of a weather-beaten map (or rather one of his poor followers that had spent his time crawling around in the black depths of the barrow) had shifted his focus to the next clearing down the trail.  This time he and his crew stumbled upon a nest inhabited by an enormous egg.  Showing his usual astute vision, he proceeded to tromp about the nest ignoring ominous smells and an earth-shaking thump now and then.  When a huge eye appeared at a crack in the egg and let out an ear-splitting cry, what should come on the scene but mama – a totally whacked-off Allosaurus with Og-meat on her menu!  For once in his life, Og did the smart thing and dispatched (bad term, that) his squad of meat-shields into the foray with the beast.  By using their combined strength they were at least on par with the enraged dino.  The brouhaha lasted most of the day (game, that is) with many hits being scored on both sides.  When the dust finally settled, it was Og and his friends who were dining in style rather than mama Allosaurus!  Many of the Ognerians were scratched and dented but only 1 succumbed to his wounds.

Harkening back to stage right, the stealthy Throk and followers had uncovered the remains of a long-deserted settlement in an overgrown clearing.  Sending a trio of gatherers to search for clues to what had happened to the occupants and one poor sod to fend of an enraged Buzzidactyl (a humongous bee with poison in its' stinger and human pincushions at hand), the remainder of his band set off through the jungle (remember those darned fire ants were patrolling the trails) in search of more goodies.  Big mistake that!  Our club-fisted fighters ran head first into that batch of hungry Coccinellidae.  They might have looked harmless at first, but by the end of the fight the ladybugs gave better than they got!  Just about all the remaining dino-morsels went toes up in dispatching two of the trio of spotted bugs.  The fact that the majority of Throk’s tribe was delayed from further advance would cause grief by day’s end.

With Throk and company busy trying to survive; Og, having finally carved up the Allo as camp food, headed off to see what there was to see.  Rounding a bend in the trail – the ants having passed this way much earlier – the Og-lers came upon a mighty rend in the earth’s crust.  Once again, being thick as an adobe brick, Oggie tromped all over and around this black chasm paying little heed to sounds unnatural pouring from the depths.  He didn’t manage to  find out anything of great value in this locale except perhaps learning the lesson that one should be a bit more careful when scrabbling around what might be somebody’s den!

With the earth trembling (not to mention his tribesmen doing the same) and the air thickened with smells ungodly, a monstrous form issued forth from the pit.  Looming over our frightened boyo’s was the visage of an endless purple form topped by nothing but teeth – hungry teeth at that!  Having finally learned that caution is the better part of valor, Og and company beat feet out of the glen for all they were worth.  Never let it be said that Og didn’t catch on – eventually!

The upshot of Og’s fleeing from danger was that he ran smack-dab into the remnants of Throk and his pals.  Prior to this occurring, Throk was about to enter the promised land – the Temple of the Carnelian Skull – which his followers had just uncovered.  Hearing pleas for assistance back down the trail, however, Throk decided to show some moxie for a change and went to rescue his endangered friends.  (That would be his final mistake!)  While being of some aid at first, eventually Throk would become the object of the entire Ognerian tribes’ desires.  Let’s just say that the rest wasn’t pretty.  Since nobody of note is allowed to die in these quests, Throk survived, just barely, but had but one or two pristine patches of flesh left when he mercifully passed out.


As all this was happening down the way, Throk’s loyal henchmen were having a gay old time scouring the temple grounds for treasures.  Thus it was that a lowly Throk-nottle ultimately discovered “the meaning of life” (“42” for those in the know).  Throk might never know it but his tribe would succeed in evolving while Og and friends would become but a bump on the road of life.

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