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Jurassic Jungle Jaunt
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As dawn broke on the Jungle plain, only the odd bellow of
a wandering Diplodocus was heard by our intrepid hunters
Several of our mighty hunters seem amused by the plight
of one of their less fortunate brothers!

Little did they suspect that small herd of
Yangchuanosaurus (rear center) to be as hungry
as they turned out to be!

(Bruce H. & Brian P. having way to good a time
watching the GM - "the arm" - inflict
a fate worse than death on Bill T. [off-camera])

In the foreground we see the wily Manchoo Fooie
with his body-guard Peking Duk & his minion
Fung Shway as they beat feet to escape the
hooves of the Diplodocus.
"And just where does it say I wind up as a
Zardozian love-slave?"

(Bill C. looks in vain for a way out of his
predicament as Katz giggles with glee!)

At this point in the proceedings, the dinos outnumbered
the hunters. But some well-placed shots soon
raised the trophy count!
Brave Capt Spaulding with his friends,
Signor Ravelli and the Professor, take
refuge atop a rocky hilltop as
Zed Connery & the Xterminators go in
pursuit of an off-camera Grampaw Tomm
and his clan-mates.
The great Quetzalcoatlicus take some "food" to their
hungry offspring atop the rocky outcrop.

What can't be seen behind the hill is a flock of
Compsognathus chasing Captain Spaulding
all over the jungle trails.

(he managed to kill or chase off most of the
pesky beasts except for one very tenacious
critter that attached itself to a tender portion
of his anatomy and refused to let go!)

Our Doc Savage clone ("Bones" Feral)
acting typically heroic!

(actually he had wrestled his way out of the talons of
the Quetzalcoatlicus and was now steering it towards
a "safe" landing area. It just looked better with him
"riding" the great bird!)

Looks like things must have taken a turn for the worse!

Such glum faces must mean somebody just got squished
by a nasty beastie!

(Brian P. - Peter G. - Bill C. - Katz)

All photos taken by Bill Tricomi (playing the intrepid S. Dakota Smythe)

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