.45 Adventure @ LittleWars 2006

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California Smythe and the Grotto of Evil

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Some shots of the game table prior to the event.
A few more pre-game pics.
The rules take center stage before the mayhem is unleashed!

Gil Hooley (L) plans as California (R) watches and wonders.
But why is evil Pierre Camion (C) smiling?

Our six adventurers gather in the Art Institute!
From left to right:
Markus Denholm (g), Gil Hooley (g), Chopper Schnozzola (b),
Pierre Camion (b), California (g), & the one and only Gidney Screenstreet (b).
Gil (on right) finds a necessary clue as both friend and foe look on.
Pierre takes a shot into the gorge as California and Markus watch & wait!
As the final scene unfolds, both good and evil ponder the chances of ultimate success.
California watches as poor Gil goes unconscious for the third time!
For his stalwart adherence to the ideals of truth and the American Way, California accepts his ultimate reward -- a pristine copy of .45 Adventure!
-- That's California (Bill Reuter) on the right and your humble servant (Jim S) on the left --
(Just after taking this, the camera exploded in a puff of smoke!)

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