Sir Petey in Aulde Blighty

(Some scenes from our upcoming adventure)
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-- "Game for Dinner?" or "The Hero’s Out To Lunch!" --


Scene 1: I’ll Have a Ham-let on Wye

The tiny, sleepy village of Chedder-on-Wye has seen the comings and goings of a gang of ruthless Dacoits (henchmen of the sinister Manchoo Fooie). Can the forces of good capture the leader of the gang and find out the whereabouts of Fooie and the captive Sir Peter?


Scene 2: Just a Spot of High Teasdale for me

Our intrepid heroes have arrived just in time to catch a glimpse of Sir Peter as he is tossed into the boot of a Bugatti and sped off to a rendezvous with the fiend Fooie himself.


Scene 3: Fooie gets his Just Desserts

In this the final act of our drama, the mighty Rocket Corps finally comes to the assistance of our plucky, hog-tied hero


These scenes of the "crime" are brought to you by Foggy DeLenz, photog extraordinaire